Pediatric Cancer Kent

There is hardly a bigger crisis for a family with a pediatric cancer patient in Kent, WA than the time when the disease is diagnosed through duration of the treatment. It does not help that being told that their son or daughter is a Kent pediatric cancer patient is a complete shock for the parents.

Indeed, life tends to turn totally upside down with this news not just for the Kent pediatric cancer patient but also for his/her parents and siblings. We, at Footprints of Fight, step in to bring order to the chaos by offering a vast array of services to support families dealing with instances of these conditions:

  • Cancer in children
  • Pediatric oncology
  • Adolescent cancer
  • Infantile cancer

We work with the objective of helping parents of pediatric cancer Kent patients cope better with life during the crisis.

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Childhood Cancer Kent

Diagnosis, treatment, remission, and recurrence are all grounds for tremendous stress for families of childhood cancer Kent patients. The situation calls for a number of adjustments by the Kent childhood cancer patients themselves besides their parents and siblings.

Some assistance in managing the everyday household tasks can go a long way in making life less stressful for them. This is exactly how we help families of childhood cancer Kent patients. Our organization takes care of many essential services so that parents are free to focus on the treatment of their Kent childhood cancer patient son/daughter. The pediatric cancer patients whose families we help include those diagnosed with the following:

  • Lymphoma
  • Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma
  • Neuroblastoma

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Children With Cancer Kent

Our non-profit organization was set up expressly with the mission of helping families who have children with cancer Kent. The founders come with a personal experience of fighting childhood cancer, which gives them an in-depth insight into the difficulties faced by families that have children with cancer Kent.

We have established a fast-growing network of interns, volunteers, and strategic service providers to accomplish several essential jobs that people cannot make time for when they have Kent children with cancer to look after.

The following are some of our FREE services to assist families of Kent children with cancer:

  • House cleaning
  • Babysitting
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Grocery cards
  • Gas cards

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