Footprints of Fight

To apply for our support services, simply click "Request Service" to access our application.


We provide support services, free of charge, such as professional housecleaning services, professional yard maintenance services, grocery gift cards, gas gift cards, and a variety of other items that will aid in alleviating your stress of everyday life during your child’s cancer treatment. We cater our support to your family’s unique situation.
To apply for our support services, you must have a child that is receiving active cancer treatment in the state of Washington.
No. We do not ask for any financial information from you.
Yes. We do not ask for any insurance coverage or financial information from you.
No. We will never sell your personal information. With your express permission, we can refer you to other local pediatric cancer support organizations if you’d like.
You need to fill out our easy, online application. Our application consists of basic information about your child, your child’s diagnosis, and your family contact information. You also need your social worker or doctor to fill out a simple form that we will provide.
Yes. We will only share your family’s photos and/or story with your permission.
You should hear back from us within 2 (two) weeks. Please be watching your emails!
Your child needs to be 19 years of age or younger to qualify for our support.
No. At this time, we are only supporting families with a child in active cancer treatment.
Yes. You can apply on behalf of someone else if you can provide their contact information and information about the child’s diagnosis. We will then follow up with the family.
Yes. You can enter that information on our donation page when donating online or by specifying so on donations through the mail.
Yes. You can apply if your child is receiving treatment in the state of Washington.
We are so glad you asked! Please email our Community Outreach Director and Founder, Briana Nettleton, at for more information about hosting a fundraiser for us. We look forward to working with you whether you have an idea for a fundraiser or not. We will provide all the information you need!