Footprints of Fight

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Footprints of Fight is proud of our healthy history as a nonprofit, and we have celebrated several milestones affirming our continued commitment to the well-being of the pediatric cancer community. We are historically successful in operating with very low overhead costs so that as much of our funding as possible can go directly to supporting our families. Our Board of Directors has been a working Board since inception, and we have relied on significant volunteer service from our Board as well as others who have faithfully stood by our mission and provided crucial contributions to the work that we are doing. Keeping our costs low while operating in fiscally responsible ways has been a lifetime goal for us and we are proud to continue in that way. We are also proud that in the spring of 2024, we hired our first staff member.  This will help us continue to reach the milestones that we want to reach as well as make us even better equipped than ever to fulfill our mission and launch into many more years of fueling families to help kids KICK cancer.

Thank you to all who help make us fiscally healthy and mission focused!

Footprints of Fight’s fiscal year runs as the calendar year runs.  Below are links to our recent 990 tax filings.