Footprints of Fight

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Meet the Families You're Supporting


Lily was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in May 2024. She is 15 and loves playing the cello and bass in her high school orchestra. She also loves making art in every medium: digital, painting, collage, pencil, ink, etc. She loves animals, especially cats, and she has a very kind, empathetic heart.


Fernanda is fifteen years old and in the ninth grade. She lives in Grandview, Washington. Fernanda is 1 of 6 children in her family and is close with all of her siblings. She loves to laugh and loves to bake. She was diagnosed with cancer in March and her chemo treatment requires her to be in and out of the hospital regularly.


Lailani is the sweetest 5 year old. She is so goofy and loving. She likes making new friends. Lailani enjoys going on walks, playing with dolls, and she enjoys doing arts and crafts.


Ezra (12 years old) was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma just before his 7th grade Spring Break. He is a very bright & caring kid with a great sense of humor & a big heart. He’s also been incredibly brave during this process & his family couldn’t be more proud of him.


Odessa was diagnosed April 26,2023 with a brain tumor(HGG). It of course was a big shock to our family. Dessa went through 5.5 hrs of brain surgery. Since day 1 Odessa has told me”I got this, I’m gonna be fine”….as scared as I was dessa has been a warrior through it all.


On April 5, 2024 our little 16th month old Owen was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer of the soft tissues and muscles. It all started with us (his mom and dad) noticing a hard spot that grew very quickly into a lump. After having it checked out at the local hospital and an initial ultrasound, his doctor encouraged us to head to Seattle Children’s Hospital to the ER.


Oliver, we bone June 6th of 2021 he was born at Holy Family hospital in Spokane Wa. He was perfect on his arrival at a good 8.6lbs everything was awesome. the 1st two years of his life were normal as normal can be for a little one playing outside hanging with his brother and his cousins going out and playing in the mud.


River is growing up to be a very strong and brave little man. He likes to run around as fast as possible and play games with his family. His treatment plans have been hard on him despite this he has made the best of it. River loves his mom and dad as well as his grandmother’s and cousins. He fell in love with swimming as toddler and camping in search of bigfoot. River aspires to the best he can be and his parents are with him entirely for all the support and love he could need.


Aaden is 15, he loves gaming and being with family. Having this happen to him again has been devastating for him, just getting back to feeling normal


Isaiah’s story is one of unwavering joy and generosity from the very beginning. As the youngest in a family of five, his natural inclination towards compassion and inventiveness shone brightly. A young artist at heart, Isaiah dedicates himself to creating detailed art pieces and finds comfort in the soothing sounds of piano music.


On January 5th Landon woke up and walked to school like it was any other day. By that evening he was in pain and had difficulty walking, by 11:00 pm that night he was paralyzed from the chest down and he was undergoing a myriad of scans to find out what was happening. In middle of the night we received the news that tumors were compressing his spine and Landon was life flighted to Seattle Childrens hospital.


"�Introducing Zephaniah, affectionately known as "Zippy" – a lively, loving three-year-old whose heart matches the enormity of his passions: dinosaurs, tablet games, and music. Despite his battle with mixed phenotype leukemia, Zippy's zest for life remains undiminished, lighting up every room he enters with his infectious laughter and unbounded curiosity.


Emma is a super active, outgoing, Goofy, independent child. She is the youngest out of two older brothers so outside activities is her style. She tries to work along side dad so she can show off what she's capable of. She also can't stand to see anyone sad and will try to be goofy to cheer them up.


Hi, this is our son Leo a very energetic and smart little boy. In January 2024 we had to cut our vacation short because Leo was having pain and all of a sudden stopped walking so we came back home and he was diagnosed with B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on Jan 19 2023. He have a lot of faith is God that our son is going to be ok.


My name is Jasynn I am half white and half Samoan (Pacific Islander) I am 14 years old who was recently diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma Cancer 3/8/24. My biological parents passed when I was little and I have been supported by my family. I currently live in Spanaway where I was a freshman at Spanaway Lake High school.