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Hunter Rose Jones

Hunter-Rose-JonesHunter Rose is a beautiful, fun-loving, strong willed little four-year-old girl. She loves playing with dolls, watching Ryan’s Toy Review, opening Hatchimals, coloring, swimming, having tea parties, going to church, and playing with her older brother (Reeder Hix Jones) and cousin (Wesley Canon).

This September, after an epic trip to Disneyland, Hunter Rose Jones was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. By the time Hunter Rose was diagnosed, the disease had spread from the origin tumor in her abdomen to her jaw and hip, but she had never experienced one symptom whatsoever. It was her dentist's (Dr. Harlyn K. Susarla of Stellar Kids Dentistry) meticulous attention to detail that enabled her to see the small tumor on Hunter Rose's jaw during a routine six month checkup. Kara Jones (Hunter Rose's Mom), "we are so thankful for Dr. Harlyn as we believe she just may have saved our daughter's life.”

Ten days after being diagnosed, Hunter Rose began her aggressive chemotherapy treatment at Seattle Children's Hospital under the care of Dr. July Park and Dr. Navin Pinto. Jay (Hunter Rose's Father), "It all happened so fast, but we are so thankful for the amazing team of doctors at Seattle Children's. We are all looking forward to getting back to Disney after Hunter Rose's treatment, only this time her wish is to go on a Disney Cruise.”

Hunter Rose's loving/fighting spirit continues to amaze everyone as she pushes the boundaries by walking every day (now on mile three), checking in on other patients, and requesting to visit her pre-school class after each round of chemo. Hunter Rose is teaching us all how to not allow her circumstances to determine her happiness.


Jovany Hernandez-Valdovines

Jovany-Hernandez-ValdovinesEdgar Jovany is a four-year-old boy, and he prefers to go by Jovany. Jovany is very friendly and he likes to make new friends. He loves and enjoys spending time with his dog. He loves to dance, and play with friends. He loves his sisters so much; they are everything to him. He is very smart and a quick learner.



Shayden Stackhouse

Shayden-StackhouseHi I’m Shayden Stackhouse, I am 15. I was recently diagnosed with unspecified soft tissue sarcoma. Diagnosis was a long road, but here I am now on my 4th round of chemo and about to be done with radiation. I also threw a dance on Nov. 4th in Tulalip, Wa to help raise funds for childhood cancer research and to help spread the word about childhood cancer.



Marcus Parrish

Marcus ParrishMarcus is a loving, caring, strong-willed 10-year-old boy. He loves sports, video games, building Legos and playing with his brother and sister. Marcus was diagnosed with Tcell A.L.L. April 18, 2017, a day before his 10 birthday. He was admitted with the 2nd highest white blood cell count they had ever seen (744,000). They told me 2 more days and he would have died. He was immediately rushed to ICU since he was an extreme high risk for stroke and wasn't getting enough oxygen. After lots of procedures, highest doses of chemo they've ever given a child and setbacks, Marcus is progressing along great. He spent 8 days in ICU and a little over a month total in the hospital in the beginning. He just recently finished 1 month straight of every other day leg shots. He's on a powerful 3 year chemo plan. He is such a fighter and always tells everyone he's doing good when he's really not. He's my hero. We have a long journey ahead but he IS a survivor!




Elias Bouchnag

Elias BouchnagThis is Elias, our little 5-year-old who, since the day he was born, has been so energetic and full of joy and laughter that he quickly gained the nickname Sunshine.

After a wonderful family vacation abroad in August 2017 Elias developed diarrhea and a fever and when we took him to the hospital to treat what we thought was a regular stomach flu, the tests came back showing that he had in fact AML.

It was shocking to learn that our boy who has never really been sick and who was so full of joy and energy could have cancer.

Elias started chemo in September and is now going through his second round. We are so amazed by the bravery and positivity that he is able to maintain even in tougher times. Our Sunshine is truly a fighter, and we hope this will help him through his treatment and any challenges that is in store for us down the road.



Jedd Feliciano

Jedd FelicianoToward the end of track season Jedd began to mention that he was exhausted after practice. His coach even commented that his times were slower than at the onset of the season. He always seemed to rally, so I assumed that it was the heat and being a teenager at the end of his 8th grade year. The beginning of summer was busy and he slept a lot but again we assumed it was because he is a growing boy. Our family went to spend some time at the beach; it was such a whirlwind that his lethargy seemed to be a combination of jet lag and summertime laziness. Unfortunately we began to notice that as Jedd's lethargy increased his appetite decreased. By the afternoon of Tuesday July 25th, we went to Pediatrics NW and saw Dr. Lilly Kregenow. She was highly concerned about his weight loss and affect, which was changing rapidly. She ordered tons blood work, which we went and had drawn immediately. We waited all day for the results of the tests. Around 5:30 pm on the 26th the doctor called and told me his blood work was abnormal and that we needed to go to the Mary Bridge ER. She told me she was concerned it was Leukemia. By 11:30 pm they confirmed his diagnosis and we were admitted to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. Thursday the 27th Jedd was scheduled for his first marrow draw and lumbar puncture with Chemo. However, about 2:30 pm his oncologist came in and explained that his kidney function was not improving with the medicine. They called for an ambulance to transport Jedd to Seattle Children's Hospital in the event he needed dialysis. Friday the 28th we met Seattle Children's physician Dr. Gardn and the team that would be supporting Jeddy. We learned that Jedd has Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We are currently waiting for his TCells to “storm” and kill all of his cancer. Once he is in remission the plan is for him to grow strong in preparation for a Bone Marrow Transplant with cord blood.


Marisol Gamble

Marisol GambleThis is Marisol Elena Gamble she is 11 months old. She has been diagnosed with AML (Acute myeloid luekemia) since July 10, 2017. Marisol is currently on her second round of chemotherapy. She is a very happy girl and is a people person.





Jesiah Jimenez

Jesiah JimenezOn Friday, June 16, 2017 our 19-month-old son Jesiah went in for a follow up appointment due to leg pain. Bloodwork had been ordered and a couple of hours later we received a phone call from his doctor that his bloodwork had come back abnormal and we needed to take Jesiah into the ER ASAP!!

Still at the hospital on Saturday, June 17, he was airlifted from Yakima Regional hospital to Seattle Children's Hospital at 2:20am. There, the doctor stated that Jesiah's white blood cell count was very high and that he was going to have to be admitted into the hospital for further testing and have some repeat labs. They performed a chest X-ray, then off to the Cancer Care unit it was. More tests were performed and then it was the waiting game. Around 2:15pm, a group of doctors came in and confirmed that Jesiah was diagnosed with a High Risk case of “Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.”







Kamya Jordan

Kamya JordanKayma started living with us at the age of one and half. We got custody from the state and we potty trained her. She loves to perform by singing and dancing. She loves going to Church and praising the Lord. She wants to go to Disneyland, which hopefully next year will be brighter and we can. Her favorite color is blue. She understands Spanish. She’s forever grateful for everything and says thank you, always with a smile.







Anthony Bacon

Anthony-BaconThis Anthony, he is 13 years old and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on 8/13/2017. Anthony has a 16 year old sister named Gina, who he has always been very close to. He was living in Yakima with his dad while she was living in Eatonville with me. They had always had a hard time with that. So while he was here for the summer and we found out he has leukemia his dad decided Anthony was going to move in with me so he could get treatment. Well this promoted a lot of changes for our family. Their dad (Randy) moved to this side of the mountain to be closer to the kids and they got their wish, they are under the same roof and they have all 3 of their parents on the same side of the mountain. Anthony has picked up a new hobby over the summer, learning how to Bow Hunt with my husband (John). He also loves to go fishing with his dad's. He loves camping bonfires and even just hanging out watching movies with me or playing video games with his sister. We are looking forward to being able to do all these things whenever we all want without the worry of the weather over the pass.

Jr Ruiz

Jr-RuizWhen we took him to the ER they informed us that Jr was experiencing Anemia (low red cells), Neutropenia (Low white cell count), and Thrombocytopenia (low platelet count). He needed to be flown on helicopter to Seattle Children’s Hospital 3 hours from where we live.

After 3 weeks at the hospital they decided to do a bone-marrow biopsy to take a closer look at what was going on with him. IN March, after waiting for answers, they diagnosed him with MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome).

Doctors decided he needed a Stem Cell transplant to prevent Leukemia and the date was set for May 19.

On April 16 we moved to Seattle to get Jr started with treatment and to get all his pre-labs and Pre-exams done before transplant.

May 13 started his chemo and radiation and on May 19 Jr got his transplant. Everything was looking like it was on the right direction, until the 23rd after transplant. The Bone Marrow Team decided to do a bone-marrow biopsy because something wasn't looking right. After waiting for the result to come back the results from his BM biopsy they found out his body had AML (acute myeloid leukemia).

The transplant was a total failure and Jr was diagnosed with AML on June 15.

On July 2 Jr started a new chemotherapy called Trametinib, a research drug that had been used only in adults. Jr is the first kid on this chemotherapy in the state of Washington and 1 in 5 kids in the USA.

On July 13 we had a meeting with all the hemoncology, bone-marrow team, and the leukemia specialists. They decided Jr could be getting another stem cell transplant as soon on November 2017 or late December if everything goes well and if they could get his cancer to remission. Right now he still has 12% of leukemia cells on his bone-marrow. So far we have been inpatient since May 17 2017 and won't be discharged anytime soon.

We are deeply saddened to say that Jr. passed away in October 2017. Though the Ruiz's no longer receive our services, they are forever part of our Fighter Family.


Miles Kearbey

Miles-KearbeyIn late April 2017, we made a trip to Seattle Children's Hospital for an appointment regarding leg pain Miles was having. Prior to our Children's visit Miles had many appointments in Walla Walla. Our plan was to be at Children's to see the Chief of staff for Pediatric Ortho and hopefully start getting some answers as to why his leg was hurting him so bad. The orthopedic surgeon suspected Osteomyelitis and so he was treated for that. But just a few weeks later the pain got worse.

We went to the ER and they immediately starting trying to manage Miles pain. After a few hours, they decided to admit him to Providence St. Mary's in Walla Walla to try to control his pain overnight.

That night was miserable. After a few hours it seemed that even what they were using to manage his pain, wasn't working anymore. His body was getting use to the meds. He was exhausted and so were we.

The next day was not much better. Finally we learned Miles would be life flighted to Seattle Children’s because there was no way we would be able to control his pain for the 4 1/2 hour drive to Seattle.

Once in Seattle, everything seemed to spiral. Miles was taken directly into the ER once at Seattle Children's. After several hours of monitoring him in the ER, they finally had a room ready for him and they took him upstairs. That morning a team from the Oncology department came in to talk to us about the possibility of Miles having Leukemia. Our hearts were in the pit of our stomach to say the least. They explained that they needed to do a bone marrow biopsy to find out for sure. The hours following the test seemed like an eternity while we waited for the results.

Finally, the doctors came in and asked Mike and I to follow them to another room so they could talk to us. That was longest, shortest walk we have ever taken. Once in the room they gave us the suspected news that indeed our precious Miles had cancer. Leukemia! We were devastated, but we were ready to come up with a plan and fight with our boy.

Now to figure out how to tell our boy that he has cancer. The doctors all recommended being very open and honest and transparent with that is what we did. We told him through our tears that the doctors finally know why he has been in so much pain for so long and that he has a cancer called leukemia. He took it like a champ and said he was going to fight it! One of the nurses had given him a stuffed bear and Miles decided that he was going to name his bear Leuk because it was his Leukemia fighting bear!

We knew that we had many friends and family members on our side...but most important God!

We found out in the next day or two that the type of leukemia Miles had was Pre-B Cell ALL. It was the kind that we had hoped for. Sounds crazy to hope for a kind of cancer for your child to have...but we felt so happy to hear this diagnosis.

Miles has been a trooper through this whole roller coaster ride. He is still his fun-loving spunky self. He loves being social and has made lots of friends that have come and gone at the Ronald McDonald House. He loves sports, loves playing with his rubiks cubes and his kendma's. and loves being outdoors. Miles is a 4th grader and is currently keeping up with his school work at the school at the hospital until he can go back to his school at home. Miles has been such an inspiration to all of us. We are super proud to call this courageous little warrior our boy!


Jayla Ramirez

Jayla-RamirezJayla was diagnosed with VHR T-cell ALL with Mrr-r on September 30, 2016 at just 3 months old. She has undergone many lp's, chemo, pot access', and series of scans. She is always in good spirits smiling and playing, never letting her illness and lack of not knowing what’s going on with her get her down.






Evan Stephens

Evan-StephensEvan is your average 13 year old guy. He enjoys video games, pizza, and staying up late watching movies with his Uncle Ray and his best friend Conner. He also loves anything to do with the medieval time period, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is one of his favorite tales. He loves to sword fight, shoot his bow, and participate in the Society for Creative Anachronism. He wants to be a game designer or an engineer when he grows up, or possibly a K-9 officer. Evan was diagnosed on July 18, 2017 and has finished his first phase of treatment successfully with no leukemia in the spinal fluid or his bone marrow. We move on to the next phase with high hopes and look forward to a bright future.




Heliodora Ceja-Siete

Heliodoro-Ceja-SieteThis is Heliodoro, he is 15 years old and he was diagnose with leukemia cancer when he was 4 years old. He loves playing video games, cooking, and playing sports. As of right now he is preparing for a surgery.









Philo Parets

Philo-ParetsLife is full of surprises, some of them not so pleasant. On March 3, 2017 my toddler, Philo Parets, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. As mothers, all we ever want are happy, healthy children, but sometimes there will be a bump in our plan. However, ever since Philo was born on November 21, 2014, he has been a very happy baby. He loves to play summersault with his sister Sophia, plant yummy veggies with his daddy, and cuddle n' kiss his mama. He has always been full of life, love, and energy, even with his battle. When he is at his worst, he holds his head high and will higher. He has learned to adapt quickly while still maintaining an almost normal life. His favorite toys are cars, balloons and skate boards. His favorite TV shows are Super Why and Little Einstein. His favorite food is pizza, hotdogs, and cucumbers. Philo is a gem who won't let this disease get the best of him. He holds me at night and wipes my tears away, reassuring me how, "iz okay, momma.” It'll all be okay. Stay strong my Philo, my love.


Kalena Meuli

Kalena-MeuliSince January 2017 Kalena was in and out of urgent cares and doctors’ offices due to a common cold she just couldn't seem to kick. Her cough lingered and her clear runny nose just wouldn't stop. We began to treat her for allergies because we just weren't sure what was going on. Recently I had switched Kalena's primary pediatrician in March right before I had my second daughter Gracie. If it wasn't for Dr. Verlander who knows where we would be right now. On May 5 Kalena woke up with what we thought was pink eye. We took Kalena into urgent care where she was diagnosed with pink eye and put on antibiotics. Friday night she spiked a fever of 105. We knew something wasn't right. Off to the emergency we went early Saturday morning after trying to bring her fever down with Tylenol and a cold wash cloth. Not long after getting to the ER was Kalena given more Tylenol and a chest X-ray which turned out to be fine and we were sent on our way back home; we were told to follow up with our primary doctor. Dr. Verlander didn't work Monday but he did make himself available to see Kalena Tuesday. After he evaluated Kalena, talking with him and on the verge of tears I told him I can’t leave here without answers. Something is not right. He listened. He told me he was going to send in a prescription for an inhaler to see if it would help with her cough and then order blood work and an ultrasound for the next day at Valley Medical. Wednesday morning came and it was a day I will never forget. Some of the blood work came back faster than others and it showed Kalena to be anemic and her hermatocrit was a little low. The doctor’s office called but Dr. Verlander was not working so Dr. Byrd, Kalena's old doctor, called and explained the results they had back so far and asked us to go be seen at Children's. Dr. Byrd said that it was nothing to be alarmed about but that they would probably monitor Kalena and possibly send us back home after a while. Not even an hour later I was on my way to my parent’s house to drop off my newborn daughter so I could head to Children's with Kalena and meet up with my husband who was working in Seattle. Then I got a phone call from Dr. Verlander himself. Worst phone call ever. Doctor could tell I was driving so he asked me to pull over. He began to go into detail of what the rest of the blood culture showed. He then began to talk about blast cells. CANCER CELLS. My heart stopped for what seemed like forever and my mind just couldn't seem to comprehend what he was trying to tell me. After what seemed like a matter of seconds our life turned upside down and I had no idea what to expect. He further stated that everything he was telling me, that made absolutely no sense to me, was that my sweet little girl has leukemia.

Kalena is a very bright and intelligent little 3 year who has a heart of gold and loves anyone who comes in contact with her. She was in preschool during this time and absolutely LOVED it there. She loves to learn, play with babies, and love up on her baby sister. Kalena also likes to be outdoors, playing with kids, and loves driving anything motorized—she would help mow the yard with her father while steering the mower. Just last winter she and her dad rode on the quad in the snow and pulled the neighbor kids down the street, she loved every minute. She also loves to be a hands on helper for her parents with everything. She has truly blessed us!


Barbara Abbitt

Barbara-AbbittThis is Barbara, she is 3 years old. She was born February 4, 2014. Late December Barbara was diagnosed with B-Cell Leukemia, she has had numerous doctors’ appointments for her to get her chemo through her port and through her spine. She’s been in remission since early February and she was released from the hospital late February. She loves playing with her sister and cousin, and with her friends she sees at the hospital when she goes for doctors’ appointments. She got the “okay” to go to school and the official start date is September 6. She will be starting preschool, she has been waiting a long time to go to school. She has a NG tube for her formula feedings and for her medicine. Barbara is very enthusiastic and very friendly, she almost always has a smile on her face.




Alexander Logan

Alexander-LoganThis is Alex. He was diagnosed with high-risk ALL leukemia on January 6, 2017! Alex was sick off and on October-December. We finally made it to Alex's regular pediatrician. She sent us to Capital Medical Center to get blood work done. On Friday, January 6, that night our doctor called me and told me to get a pen and paper and to sit down. She told me that our little boy's white blood cell count was really high and read like count was really low. That we had to go to Seattle children's E.R. right way. So Darnell (Alex's big brother), Jerry (dad), and I packed really quickly while crying and not really understanding what was going on. We got the E.R. around 6-7 pm and waited in the E.R. for the blood work. Yes in fact Alex had high risk ALL leukemia! We got moved up to the 7 floor. Alex is now 2 years old and his birthday is June 3rd. Darnell is going to the Fred Hutch School. We live at the Ronald McDonald House with hopes to move back home in October-November.


Reese Scrivner

Reese-ScriverReese is the youngest of five children. She has three sisters and one brother. She was named after her grandparents. She loves animals, books, carbs, music, TV, and walks outside. Her favorite shows are Word Party and Zootopia. Her nick name is Risu.

On April 21, 2017, at fourteen months old she was pre-diagnosed with Wilms' Tumor aka Nephroblastoma. We were immediately admitted to Seattle Children's Hospital.

Four days later, she had a six hour nephrectomy/tumor removal, and port placement. During surgery they will usually make a "preliminary diagnosis" with fair certainty. The oncologist in the OR would not make a call. It took five days for pathology to comeback and confirm Stage 3 Wilms' Tumor with favorable histology.

A week later she had an ovarian transposition. A couple of days later she started a "moderate treatment" schedule of six radiation sessions and twenty-eight weeks of chemo. We got to go home Mother's Day weekend after three weeks in the hospital. She has had one hospital stay and many ED visits. She is now finished with radiation and we’re 10 weeks into chemo schedule.

For seven weeks she had an NG Tube. She would vomit it up almost daily. She is now happily off of the NG Tube.

She enjoys walks in the garden, playing piano with daddy, reading books with mom, dad and grandma, and playing with us all. Reese is a very intelligent baby, incredibly easy to love and a fighter against this terrible monster.

We believe in the power of prayer and have seen many miracles during our time at Seattle Children's and within our precious baby. Our most recent miracle is that she can thrive without an NG Tube and no longer throws up all day because of it.


Izaiah Trillas

Izaiah-TrillasIzaiah is a 6 year old boy who turns 7 in August. He is an active little boy who loves being crazy and rambunctious with his older brother and two little sisters. He loves school and is a quick learner. He's a shy boy until he gets to know you. He loves video games, Minecraft, LEGOS, swimming, jumping on the trampoline, camping, and riding 4 wheelers. Izaiah was diagnosed with High Risk ALL, Philadelphia Like and CRLF2 on February 14, 2017 in which we were airlifted to Seattle from Yakima, WA. His white counts was 750k. His body had responded well to his treatments and thus far has had 2 setbacks in almost 5 months which we feel is amazing. We are supposed to be in Seattle until October or November depending on how many setbacks occur throughout treatment.



Steven Sattler

Steven SattlerShortly after Easter of 2017, Steven was diagnosed with T cell accute leukemia. He just celebrated his 12th birthday on June 27. We are currently seeking treatment at Sacred Heart of Spokane. We were rushed up here by his primary doctor in Clarkston when I took him in because his neck was badly swollen. His labs came back and our doctor was concerned. Steven loves his dog, video games, and pokemon. He is responding well to treatments and so far he is doing well.





Savannah Lingenfelter

Savannah LingenfelterOn September 3, 2012 Savannah woke up with yet another high fever and pain. She was only 2 1/2 years old so it was hard for her to tell us what was really wrong. We took her to the ER at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma, WA. We learned within a few hours that Savannah had cancer. Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia to be exact. We were admitted immediately so she could get blood and platelet transfusions and she started chemotherapy the very next day. Savannah went into remission early and was classified low risk. She sailed through 2 1/2 years of treatment with minimal side effects. She rang the “No Mo chemo” bell on March 3, 2015. Savannah continued off treatment care and was doing amazing with life after chemo.

That all came to an end when she started experiencing headaches, back pain, and chronic fatigue. A CT Scan on April 15, 2017 showed concerning abnormalities in Savannah’s skull and we were taken by ambulance to Seattle Children's. After several tests to include neuro surgery, we were given the news that Savannah’s cancer had indeed returned. After four years of remission and two years off treatment, the leukemia was back. This time it was not in her blood but in her bone in her skull and spine. There are no cases like Savannah’s that we can find. No one here had seen Leukemia come back like this and after such a long remission for a low risk case. Savannah began aggressive relapsed treatment on April 23, 2017. We are praying this treatment gets Savannah’s cancer back in remission forever. We are currently living at Ronald McDonald House during the most intensive phases of Savannah's therapy. Mom (Cheryl) and Dad (John) are big military veterans as well. Savannah has an older brother Robert, Sister Lizzy, and two dogs at home. She loves gymnastics, American Girl dolls, doing crafts, going swimming, soft cuddly blankets, and going to the movies.


Pippa Stuhlmiller

Pippa StuhlmillerPippa was diagnosed with an inoperable low grade astrocytoma (brain tumor) a few months before her second birthday. Her tumor was discovered in October of 2016 after months of mysterious vomiting and then finally a loss of balance that made us take her to the ER for an MRI. She had a VP shunt placed to relieve the pressure that the tumor had built up. Pippa has started chemo and will need it for the next year. She will have a G-tube placed soon because she is unable to gain weight, but she has continues to be her happy self in between treatments.

She is outside more than in. Loves laughing at her older brother, making her baby sister giggle, and pointing out every animal she sees. She is such a sweetheart and we are so glad to have our Pippa.




Jeffery Flores-Santiago

Jeffery Flores-SantiagoWe prayed and prepared for another blessing to complete our family. Our 3 older children were so excited and could not wait for God to give us a baby to have forever. We got the news in November 2015 that we were expecting summer of 2016. On Thanksgiving day our Lord called our baby home. During December 2015 my blood showed I was still pregnant. I cried so hard and began to pray that my body was able to hold another baby. December 28th it was confirmed I was still pregnant and lost one of my two babies inside me. Baby Jeff, our rainbow baby made his entrance late but was perfectly healthy. He completed our family so perfectly, 2 girls Maricela and Michelle and 2 boys Angel and Jeffery. Baby Jeff was healthy and happy. Baby Jeff caught a few colds but always managed to get better. Until March 6th when we originally took him into the emergency room. Shortly after arriving with a 6 month old that was working hard to get air, they sent us home with a false diagnosis of bronchiolitis. We then took him to the doctor with him getting worse on March 8th. Our pediatrician said to take him straight to the emergency for an overnight watch as his oxygen level was very poor. We took him to the emergency department and they suctioned his nose and placed oxygen on him. He was still lying helpless. The nurses were getting ready to discharge us yet again. I stood there and said look at my baby he is not even moving, I'm not leaving! My doctor said I can stay 24 hours. So I called my doctor and she ordered labs as I explained that he had not eaten. She wanted to make sure he was not lacking nutrition as I was strictly breastfeeding. Shortly after, our whole world came crashing down.

The words no family should have to hear: I’M SORRY YOUR SON HAS CANCER.

Since then baby Jeff went through 3 rounds of chemo.

Baby Jeff has a very rare childhood cancer called juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (J.M.M.L). He has the kras mutation. Lucky for baby Jeff his brother Angel is his perfect match and will be his bone marrow donor at the age of 5. Angel is a perfect name for baby Jeff’s older brother as he is trying to saving his life.

We are excited to announce that Jeff is currently in remission! Jeff is still in the ICU fighting after damage was caused by chemo and prayers are still appreciated. But it is still a joyous moment that Jeff is currently cancer free!


Reed Cooper

Reed-StrongAbout a month after Reed's 3rd Birthday, my husband took him to Swedish's Urgent Care for pain, nausea, and bearing down to pee but couldn't. After they did a quick catheter to drain his full bladder they diagnosed Reed with Balanitis and prescribed topical ointments. They had us follow up with our pediatrician the next day and gave us a referral to a Pedo Urologist.

The next day Reed saw our pediatrician and felt that it was not Balanitis but an obstruction and had us go to Children's that night. At Children's ER a catheter was placed and instructions given on how to take care of the catheter until we could get into Children's Urology the following Monday or Tuesday.

Over the long weekend Reed and us did not get much sleep because he was in a lot of pain and discomfort that Children's told us was probably coming from the catheter.

On Tuesday, Children's Urology saw Reed for a voiding trial, during the 4 hours he was there he did not pee so they sent him home with a sedative and warm bath instructions to see if he would pee at home. That night was not fun he was in so much pain, bearing down saying he wants to go but can't. He would fall asleep then wake up over and over again. In the morning I called Children's Urology and said we need to be seen immediately, they had us check in with the Emergency department where Reed was catheterized and I was told to follow up the following Monday or Tuesday with Urology. I said, "No I'm not leaving here for another long weekend of no sleep and pain, I'm asking for help and I don't understand how this has happened so acutely that we have never had a problem with him peeing until now, something is not right!" At that point they decided to do a ultrasound of his bladder and kidneys. They found a ping pong sized mass behind his bladder, that had pinched off his urethra explaining why he could not pee! That night we were admitted to the Oncology floor, the next day Reed had a CT SCAN & MRI confirming cancer. That Friday Reed had a biopsy, bone marrow extracted, and a port a catheter central line placed. The following Wednesday the pathology report was back with our diagnosis: Intermediate Risk Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma of the Prostate.

Our treatment 43 weeks of Chemotherapy, Radiation 5 days a week for 5.5 weeks, and possible surgery.

We are about to start week 10 of Chemo as I'm writing this and Reed finally was able to pass a voiding trial and get rid of the catheter yesterday after our 3rd in patient admittance with catheter associated UTI.

Reed has been amazing during all of these new events and is able to articulate exactly what he needs. He loves his big sissy Kenzie, his kitty Lexie, dinosaurs, monster trucks, construction equipment, and playing outside. Momma, Daddy, Papa Gene and Grandma, Papa Carl, and all his Aunties and Uncles and Cousins love him as he loves us all too. He is our Reed Strong and we are going to beat this!


Holley Cook

Holley CookHolley Cook was diagnosed with A.L.L pre-B cell Philadelphialike leukemia at the age of 3. She was diagnosed October 19, 2016. On October 18, 2016 we got transported to Seattle Children's Hospital due to her white blood cell count being so high. She has been a very strong little girl and has been through so much. She has not been on time with any of her chemo treatments due to infection and her having so much pain with mucussitus. But through it all she's been such a strong happy little girl. She loves to hunt and fish with her dad, she loves to draw and color, she's just a very spunky little girl. She loves princesses, her favorite one is Tangled. When she lost her hair she cried and said that she wanted to have her hair to be as long as Tangled when it grows back. Since she's been diagnosed she has accepted the fact and when people ask her about her feeding tube or why she has no hair she tells them exactly what is going on with her. Holley has an older sister and her name is Haley and she is 6. She misses her everyday so when sister comes she is so happy to see her. Thank you for taking the time to read about Holley. We appreciate all that you do. (Written by Holley's mom.)






Dylan Herrick

dylan-herrickDylan was 6 years old when he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L.) He was diagnosed at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital on May 17, 2016. Dylan's treatment will last 3 and 1/2 years, with a high chance of cure. In spite of all that he has gone through thus far, Dylan keeps an amazing attitude and smile on most days. He loves to create art, play video games and collect Pokemon cards. Dylan is wise beyond his years and makes friends easily. Dylan is also interested in becoming a chef. While staying at the Ronald McDonald House, with an increased appetite from Steroids and low energy, he opted to watch the Food Network. His favorite show is Chopped Junior. He now has his own cooking supplies, attire and mastered the art of frying eggs! Dylan is constantly amazing doctors and nurses with his patience and ability to sit still and remain calm and in good spirits during blood draws, accessing and de accessing his port, treatments and preparing for his LP procedures. He especially loves searching for new "poke prizes" and playing music while in the waiting room. Dylan is definitely a trooper and a pure delight to be around!






Pablo Rojas

pablo-familyIn the summer of 2014, I had pain in my right leg. School started and there was a big bump by my hip. The pain continued so I asked my mom to take me to the doctor. The doctors checked it out and said it might be a tumor. I really didn't know what a tumor was and my mother was scared. I had a biopsy and found out that I had stage 4 cancer. The doctors then ran x-rays and also found tumors in my lungs. I had chemo for 2 months in the hospital and continued treatment for 8 months. The pelvis tumor shrank so I was able to have surgery to take it out. The tumor ate my whole pelvis but luckily they could replace it with a bionic one. It took about 5 months to recover from the surgery but the tumors in my lungs went away! In 2016 the tumors in my lungs came back and I am still trying to overcome it.Please continue to keep Pablo and his family in your prayers as they battle this awful disease together!


Ireland Wylam

wylam-familyOn New Year’s Day, a massive brain tumor was discovered in three-year-old, Ireland. Doctors estimated the tumor itself, accounted for about 25% of the physical brain mass.

On January 11th, it was confirmed that her tumor was malignant, and she was formally diagnosed with an Embryonal Tumor with Multilayer Rosettes-ETMR (formerly known as PNET). The past two months have been trying for her, at best, but she has continued to amaze us all with her courage and ability to accept her new reality with a smile! Ireland is scheduled to endure a remaining seven months of aggressive treatment to regain her life as the healthy, sweet, and spunky girl that we all know. She is anxiously awaiting the day that she is "feeling better," and can return home to be with her daddy and the pets she has had to leave behind.



Preston Scott

Preston-ScottOur precious little Preston, at 5 years old, has already been through so much throughout the past year and a half. (6.5 now) These past few months have been especially hard on us as parents, grandparents, family, and friends with the news that no parent wants to ever hear. Preston relapsed almost immediately after treatments.

Preston was diagnosed October 2014 with Regular Medulloblastoma and fell into what they called standard risk which they say has an 80-85% cure rate.We had every reason to believe that treatments worked given every scan had showed nothing new. But on January 20, 2016 his scan showed two new spots. We were devastated! Relapsed Medulloblastoma patients usually don't make it. Maybe 1 out of 20 kids will get through their relapse. WE HAVE NEVER GIVEN UP HOPE!

At this point, we have minimal options, other than more chemotherapy thatmay help extend Preston's life for another 16-18 months. This isn't good enough for us or for our Preston.We ask for your prayers, positive thoughts, and energy for Preston! We are lucky enough to have Preston home with us right now. He is doing fairly well and in great spirits. Preston is such a great joy to us and brings us sooooo many smiles every day! We want to keep those smiles and laughter around! Thank you in advance for your help, hope, and prayers! WE WON’T GIVE UP HOPE!




Thanhvan Nguyen

Thanhvan-Nguyen After 2 weeks of increasing back pain, abdominal pain and headaches Thanhvan was diagnosed with Lymphoma on 12/21/2016. She has been undergoing intensive chemotherapy with weeklong stays in the hospital every other week.

Thanhvan is a bright and caring girl who enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is in the running start program through Tacoma Community College and continues to do orchestra through her local high school. Her Mom has taken off 3 months of work to care for Thanhvan full time, Footprints of Fight is a huge resource to the family.



Emry Hansen

Emry-Hansen Emry is a beautiful 3 year-old who lives with her amazing grandparents. On June 20, 2016 she was diagnosed with B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She has already gone through so much in her short 3 years and now she is in the fight for her life.

Emry continues to fight through all the tests, chemo treatments, needles, and pokes. Despite all the troubles, she still remains loving and happy. Emry loves princesses, babies, kitties, and she really loves Birthday cake!




Elijah Hagstrom

Elijah HagstromOn July 7th, Elijah was taken to the hospital for a persistent fever. After a battery of tests and scans, his mom and dad were given news no parents ever wants to hear. Their sweet 6 year old little boy has a large tumor on his liver, which has already metastasized to his lungs and other areas around his liver.

Elijah is currently undergoing chemotherapy and has spent numerous nights in the hospital since July! Elijah loves nothing more than laughing with his big sister Olivia and getting into mischief together! He has an amazingly supportive mom and dad who wish and pray for nothing more than his cancer to be cured, and we are right there praying for that as well!! His smile and attitude despite the circumstances are inspiring to all those who he meets and even those he has never met but follow his story!!



Lauren Kinney

Lauren Kinney Memorial Day 2014, Lauren was diagnosed with an inoperable juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma. She had been exhibiting right sided weakness, headaches, etc. When her symptoms failed to resolve, we were advised to take her to the Skagit Regional hospital for a CT scan. This revealed a mass on the left side of her brain. This was a moment that changed our lives forever. We were sent to Seattle Children’s Hospital on emergency basis that night. The following day she underwent a 6 hour brain surgery, placing a VP shunt to drain the accumulated fluid on her brain and to also take a biopsy of the tumor. She was hospitalized in the P-ICU at Children’s for five days. Following this initial treatment she began a weekly outpatient regimen of chemotherapy. Most of her hair fell out, and she became dependent on getting her nutrition through a nasal feeding tube.

Through all of this, Lauren has always had an amazing, positive attitude. Her first day of kindergarten, she had almost no hair and a feeding tube in her nose; she just put a special sticker on her tube and absolutely rocked it! That course of chemo was cut short at 6 months due to some pretty serious allergic reactions that she had developed. We were able to discontinue chemo because her tumor had stabilized, only having quarterly MRI’s for almost two years before the tumor started to grow and cause symptoms again.

In July of 2016 she began a different chemotherapy protocol that is scheduled for about another year. In true Lauren style, she is conquering this too! We can’t stress enough what an amazing little fighter Lauren is!


Cheyenne Bailey

Cheyenne Bailey Cheyenne is a beautiful 15 year old who was diagnosed with B-Cell Leukemia in March!! Because her leukemia is chemo resistant she had to undergo T-Cell Therapy and last month had a bone marrow transplant. After the transplant she was placed in ICU, but her body responded well to the transplant. She is currently out of ICU and doing well!

Cheyenne has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. She and her mom are currently living at the Ronald McDonald House and her dad and siblings live in Graham.

Footprints of Fight feels honored to be able to provide their family with gas cards for family visits and house cleanings with your generous donations! Thank you for your support! Please keep Cheyenne and her family in your prayers!!





Joli Young

Joli Young Just weeks after Joli's 1st Birthday, on July 20th, she was diagnosed with a Wilm's Tumor. She underwent surgery two days later at Seattle Children's Hospital to remove her left kidney, the tumor and 6 lymph nodes. The tumor cells were also found in 1 of the lymph nodes so Joli has had to undergo radiation and chemotherapy. While her radiation therapy is now completed she is still navigating through a 24 week chemo schedule. Joli has had some side effects to the therapies but continues to prevail and keep her energy and spirits high. She has learned to walk through this ordeal and has become quite the chatty gal. Joli is known on the clinic floor for saying "hi" to EVERYONE in her sweet little voice... it's her favorite word and she sure is a sweet little day maker given everything she's going through.


Hunter Coffman

coffmanHunter Coffman is one little boy packed with personality. At only 2 years old and 3 felt tall, he is in a battle for his life as he was diagnosed December 28th 2015 with Medulloblastoma (a malignant fast growing brain tumor.) Hunter is from maple valley Washington along with his big brother chase who is 6, dad Atom, and mom, Laura. Hunter loves Thomas the trains, wrestling with big brother and playing outside in the sunshine.

While treatment has been hard he pushes through and keeps a smile on his cute little face. Hunter is being treated by the best doctors in the world at Seattle Childrens Hospital. He has had 3 rounds of very intense chemotherapy with amazing results. in the middle of June he started the final step in his treatment plan, proton therapy. He has treatment every day Monday-Friday for 30 sessions (6 weeks) at northwest hospital which is pretty far from home. As a family we are faithful that God is with us on every step of our journey. And at the end of radiation we pray Hunter has no evidence of disease.


Cadence Nield

Cadence Nield familyCadence was born with an inoperable brain tumor. She was diagnosed with a Pediatric Low Grade Glioma at 5 months old. It is located in her brain stem and spinal cord. Due to the dangerous location, it is not safe to biopsy, but it is being treated as a presumed Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma (JPA).

Cadence is 5 1/2, she loves doing craft projects, playing with dolls, having tea parties, going to preschool, riding her tricycle, and playing board games. She can't wait till she can read! She loves Hello Kitty, Tinkerbell, butterflies, rainbows, peace signs, sparkles, glitter, pink, purple, turquoise, and anything girly! She loves music, especially Taylor Swift, and she enjoys going to her swimming lessons and gymnastics class. She wants to be a mommy, Doctor, and an artist when she grows up.


Siena Braun

sienna braun familySienna was diagnosed with Pre B ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) on May 2, 2014. On July 1, 2015 Sienna relapsed with her cancer coming back in her spine. She is currently cancer free and recovering from a stem cell transplant.

Sienna is a lover of music and dance. But above all a lover of animals. Her dream is to open her own vet clinic where she will help all animals regardless of whether their owners can pay. She would give the shirt off her back for you if you asked. She loves her family more than anything.



Ellie Walton

Ellie Walton FamilyEllie was diagnosed at the age of 4 months old with a brain tumor. Originally the diagnose was a benign brain tumor called desmoplastic infantile ganglioglioma. Four months after the diagnose, her tumor grew and became desmoplastic infantile ganglioglioma / astrocytoma. She then started chemo at 8 months old which would last for 9 months. In June 2015, Ellie’s tumor grew again and changed the type of tumor to glioblastoma multiforme stage four, which required radiation and another round of chemo.

Since birth, Ellie has had 17 surgeries. As a result of all the treatment Ellie has hydrocephalus, neuropathy, hearing loss, a non-functioning pituitary gland, and various learning / physical problems.
Ellie is currently 3 years old and loves the outdoors. She is feisty, courageous, and loves to act. She is a huge animal lover, and never leaves her sisters side. She is loving, caring, kind, and one heck of a fighter!

We are deeply saddened to say that Ellie passed away in January 2017. Though the Waltons no longer receive our services, they are forever part of our Fighter Family.



Alyssa Wendell

Alyssa Wendell FamilyIn 2010, Alyssa was diagnosed with high risk Leukemia at the age of 12 months old. She was in treatment for 2 years in Walter Reed Army hospital in Washington DC where she underwent many rounds of radiation and chemotherapy until the age 3.

In March 2013, Alyssa and her family moved to Joint Base Fort Lewis McCord. In March 2015 Alyssa showed signs that's something was wrong, and a short time later received the news that the cancer is back. Treatment was started immediately at the Madigan Army hospital and then moved to Cancer Care Alliance and Seattle Children’s Hospital in September 2015. Alyssa needed a transplant in which her older brother, Jacob was a 100% match for her! Currently, Alyssa is travelling down the long road to recovery where to keep her healthy, she can’t be around a lot of people, can’t go to school, can’t attend day care, and needs to limit the amount of time spent in public places.

Alyssa is a fire cracker and a fighter! Everybody who has met her at Seattle Children’s hospital knows her laugh, her dance, and her clothes, especially her dresses. Currently, Alyssa cannot attend school, but will do a happy dance when she can go back. She is a proud daughter of a soldier and totally a daddy's girl.